How to participate to a debate?

Step 1: Becoming a member of the network (see tab “Membership/Contacts“).

Step 2: Loging in on the site (in the “log in box” which is on the right of all pages, above the lists “Categories”, “Recent posts” and “Archives”).

Remark 1: The webmaster has no access to your password.
Remark 2: Some hours could go before you can leave a comment on the site, because your registration on the site have to be confirmed by the webmaster.
Remark 3: Please as “pseudonyme” use your surname and name (or intials and name) in order to the members could know who wrote the comment they read. The “pseudonyme” is the name which will appear on your comment. Even if the difference could seem very artificial, your “pseudonyme” is different (it can be the same, but it not at all necessary) from the “username” that you will enter in the “log in box”.

Step 3: Going at the end of the post you want to comment and leaving a comment in the provided frame.

Remark 1: You cannot leave a comment under all news posted on the site. For instance, for now, the news posted on the main page of the site are “comments off”.