Seminar: Guilhem Roux, 30 January, 2013, GREQAM (Aix-en-Provence, France)

On 30 January, Guilhem Roux (Nantes University) is invited in the Philosophie-Economie-Droit Seminar organised by GREQAM (from 4:00 pm to 6:pm, Campus Jules Ferry, meeting room, Aix en Provence). His presentation title is “Modern theories of justice and sustainable development”.

Abstract: “Environmental Economics is being confronted to serious difficulties in its attempt to apply to the environmental question the ordinary methods and analytical tools of “normal” economics. In our work, we will defend a kuhnian interpretation of this fact: the difficulties encountered by the researchers in this field might not come from a weakness of their analytical technics but from an incompatibility between the political paradigms they rely on and the ecological question. We propose therefore first to demonstrate that the normative models of environmental economics are actually laying on the modern theories of justice of libertarianism and welfarism; and then to confront directly those theories of justice to the specific dimensions of sustainable development. We will see that these political paradigms can’t really fit the question and that this situation explains the practical difficulties encountered by environmental economists in their daily work.”

Seminar organised by Philippe Grill (GREQAM), Gilles Campagnolo (CEPERC) and Jean-Yves Chérot (Laboratoire de théorie du droit).

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