Journal: Filosofía de la Economía

The journal Filosofía de la Economía requests for contributions for the publication of its first number. FiloEcon is an epistemology and philosophy of economics journal which will be published twice a year (autumn and spring), both in printed and on-line versions under an open access format.

Although its main focus is on methodology and philosophy of economics, other topics of interest are philosophical aspects that concern history of the economic thought and social sciences in general. In this sense, its aim is to contribute to a philosophical understanding of the main problems dealt with in the bounds of economics and in the social sciences, in a pluralist and critical frame.

The journal’s structure consists of a central body of original articles, notes and debates on the pertinent thematic. It also includes book and recent PhD thesis reviews on related topics. The publication of special dossiers in regular issues as well as issues dedicated entirely to a particular area of interest within the journals scope is foreseen.

Regarding the steps of the administration, evaluation and language, the contributions sent to the journal, such as articles, notes and debates will be administered through a dual system: in response to potential contributions sent spontaneously or by explicit request from the editorial committee to a particular author. The articles will be subject to blind/anonymous peer review through the Open Journal System platform, without exception; at least two specialists on the subject will be designated as referees in order to assure quality standards. Although the journal’s official language is Spanish, it will also accept papers written in English or Portuguese; these will be published in their original language or translated according to the editorial’s judgment.

The release of the first issue of Filosofía de la Economía is scheduled on March/April 2013. The second issue will correspond to September/October 2013.

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