PhD thesis defence: François Claveau, 13 December, 2012

On 13 December 2012, François Claveau (EIPE) had publicly defended his PhD thesis entitled Causal Reasoning in Economics: A Selective Exploration of Semantic, Epistemic and Dynamical Aspects, in Rotterdam.

The doctoral committee was composed by:
Prof. Dr. J.J. Vromen (promotor)
Prof. Dr. K.D. Hoover (promotor)
Prof. Dr. H.C.M. de Swart
Prof. Dr. J. de Koning
Prof. Dr. J. Williamson
Dr. J. Reiss (Copromotor)

Abstract :
“My PhD thesis contributes to contemporary discussions about causation in the sciences. It does so by studying three aspects of causal reasoning in policy-oriented economics: the semantics of causal generalizations, the role of evidential variety in causal epistemology, and the dynamics of causal beliefs when the epistemic community faces unexpected facts (i.e. deviant cases). My approach is case-based: I use the literature on the causes of unemployment to inform my philosophical work.”

You can access this PhD dissertation online :

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