Job position: Post doctoral fellowships, TINT (Helsinki, Finland)

TINT Centre of Excellence in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences (Helsinki, Finland), now the largest centre in its field, is offering two or three new postdoc positions, beginning in January 2016 (or earlier). The positions are up to 2 years.

AREA: philosophy of economics (or neighbouring disciplines), broadly understood (inclusive of social and historical studies of economics in relation to its disciplinary neighbours).

RESEARCH AGENDA OF THE CENTRE: interdisciplinary and intertheoretic dynamics and their role in shaping the future of the social sciences, viewed mainly (but not only) from a philosophy of science point of view. Check the TINT site for more details.

POSSIBLE LINES OF RESEARCH: philosophical / historical / sociological analysis of interdisciplinary dynamics in which economics is involved, such as its (actual or missing) receptive interactions with psychology, neuroscience, sociology etc; its (actual or missing) collaborative relations with other disciplines in applied fields such as environmental research etc; and its expansionist (“imperialist”) intrusions into the domains of sociology, political science, law, etc.

POSSIBLE PROFILES OF CANDIDATES: philosopher of economics interested in any relevant aspect of economics in its interdisciplinary relations; philosopher of some other relevant discipline, such as cognitive science, biology, ecology, anthropology, or law insofar as these somehow engage with economics; (philosophically informed) expert in the social / cultural / historical studies of science interested in relevant aspects of interdisciplinarity in which economics is involved; (philosophically informed) historian of economics specializing in the history of any relevant line of development in economics and its interdisciplinary relations.

We are looking for candidates with relevant top rate competences and a strong interest in TINT themes, and who would enjoy the thriving team life of a collaborative and growing international community of scholars. If you think you have the interest and competence, please send your application to Joonas Ottman with cc to Uskali Maki.

Applications should include:
1. CV
2. Research plan of ca 2000 words, including description of how it relates to the relevant parts (especially theme 4) of the TINT agenda.
3. Sample of writing (eg published journal article)

The deadline is 16 October 2015, but earlier submissions will be appreciated.

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