Journal: Journal of Institutional Economics, Vol. 11/3 (September 2015)

The lastest issue of the Journal of Institutional Economics (Vol. 11/3) is dedicated to the link between instituions, rules and equilibria. The table of content is available below:

Frank Hindriks & Francesco Guala, “Institutions, Rules, and Equilibria: a Unified Theory“,
Vernon L. Smith, “Conducts, Rules and the Origins of Institutions“,
Masahiko Aoki, “Why is the Equilibrium Notion Essential for a Unified Institutional Theory? A Friendly Remark on the article by Hindriks and Guala“,
Robert Sugden, “On ‘Common-Sense Ontology’: a Comment on the paper by Frank Hinfriks and Francesco Guala“,
Ken Binnmore, “Institutions, Rules and Equilibria: a commentary“,
Geoffrey M. Hodgson, “On Defining Institutions: Rules versus Equilibria“,
John R. Searle, “Status Functions and Institutional Facts: Reply to Hindriks and Guala“,
Frank Hindriks and Francesco Guala, “Understanding Institutions: Replies to Aoki, Binnmore, Hodgson, Searle, Smith, and Sugden“.

A forum on Minds and Institutions:
Toppo Felin, “A forum on Mind and Institutions”,
Giovanni Dosi & Luigi Marengo, “The Dynamics of Organizational Structures and Performances under Diverging Distributions of Knowledge and Different Power Structures“,
Cass R. Sunstein and Reid Hastie, “Garbage in, Garbage out? Some Micro Sources of Macro Errors“.

A forum on the Judgement-Based Approach to Entrepreuneurship:
Nicolai J. Foss & Peter G. Klein, “A forum on the Judgement-Based Approach to Entrepreuneurship,

Andrew C. Godley and MarkC. Casson, “‘Doctor, Doctor…’ Entrepreunarial Diagnosis and Market Making“,
Niklas L. Hallberg, “Uncertainty, Judgement, and the Theory of the Firm“”,
Jeffrey S. McMullen, “Entrepreunarial Judgement as Empathic Accuracy: a Sequential Decision-Making Approach to Entrepreunarial Action“.

Further information on this issue of the Journal of Institutional Economics:

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