Workshop: Social Egalitarianism and the Economy, May 21st-22nd, 2015, University of Manchester (Manchester, United-Kingdom)

The University of Manchester organizes on May 21st and 22nd, 2015, a two days workshop on Social Egalitarianism and the Economy (University of Manchester, Boardroom, Arthur Lewis Building). This workshop is the third of four workshops on Social Equality and is sponsored by the British Academy and the Leverhulme Trust.


Growing inequality threatens social cohesion, increases social risks, and undermines people’s self-respect. While it is clear that we live in deeply inegalitarian societies, there exists wide disagreement over how best to understand the ideal of equality, and over which norms and policies should be pursued in efforts to improve the status quo. One promising answer, distinct from more familiar ‘distributive’ views, is the idea of relational or social egalitarianism, which postulates that all citizens should relate to one another as equals. But what exactly does this idea entail, and how can it inform public policy and practical politics?

This third workshop will link the often separate debates on social equality and on the political economy of a just society. It will focus on the question of what kind of political economy is most conducive to social equality, and investigate the norms and principles that should govern an economy of socially equal citizens.

Convened by Christian Schemmel (Manchester), Fabian Schuppert (QUB), Emily McTernan (UCL), and Martin O’Neill (York)

Speakers (provisional paper titles):

  • Kate Pickett (York): “Economic democracy: A convenient truth?
  • Ingrid Robeyns (Utrecht): TBA
  • Albert Weale (UCL): “What if social equality increases the inequality of wealth?”
  • Daniel Attas (Hebrew University, Jerusalem): “Expressive justice at work”
  • Steve Hood (Manchester): “Two accounts of market economies”
  • Martin O’Neill (York): “Social inequality, predistribution and the role of labour unions”
  • Christian Schemmel (Manchester): “Political, social, and market equality”


The workshop is free, but prior registration is required. Places are limited, and registration is on a first come, first served-basis.

To register, please e-mail Noemie Rouault (, with your name, institution, and any dietary requirements.

For any other question, please contact Christian Schemmel (

Event website:

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