Workshop: Historical, Methodological and Philosophical perspectives on microeconomics, March 27th, 2015, GREDEG (Nice, France)

The Groupe de Recherche en Droit, Economie et Gestion (GREDEG) of the University of Nice organizes on March 27th, a one day workshop on Historical, Methodological and Philosophical perspectives on microeconomics (Room Klee, GREDEG CNRS UNS, University Sophia Antipolis).


9h45-11h15: Ivan Moscati – “The Debate on the Measurability of von Neumann and Morgenstern’s Utility Function, 1944-1954”
Discussants: Dino Borie and Jean-Sébastien Lenfant

11h45-12h45: Lauren Larrouy – “The ontology of Schelling’s “theory of interdependent decisions””
Discussant: Christophe Charlier


13h45-15h15: Cyril Hédoin – “Sen’s Critique of Revealed Preference Theory and Its “Neo-Samuelsonian” Critique: A Methodological and Theoretical Assessment”
Discussants: Ismaël Raifaï and Jean-Sébastien Lenfant

15h15-16h15: Tom Juille – “Consumer Sovereignty and Consumer Identity”
Discussant: Dominique Torre

16h45-17h45: Dorian Jullien – “Entanglements in behavioral economics: facts, values and theories in social, time, and risk preferences”
Discussant: Alexandra Rufini

17h45h: General discussion on historiographical, methodological and philosophical issues in contemporary microeconomics.

Please, if you wish to attend to this workshop, contact the organisers by March 24th. Thank you for your understanding.

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