Journal: Erasmus Journal for Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 7/2 (Fall 2014)

The latest issue of the Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics (Vol. 7/2) has been published in December (online as usual). The table of content is available below:

Guus Dix, “Ricardo’s discursive demarcations: a Foucauldian study of the formation of the economy as an object of knowledge“,
Erwin Dekker, “The Vienna circles: cultivating economic knowledge outside academia“,
Bernd Lahno, “Challenging the majority rule in matters of truth“,

Special contribution:
Deirdre Nansen McCloskey, “Measured, unmeasured, mismeasured, and unjustified pessimism: a review essay of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the twenty-first century“,
Rational choice as a toolbox for the economist“: an interview with Itzhak Gilboa

Book reviews:
John Davis, “Review of Don Ross’ Philosophy of economics“,
Norbert Waszek, “Review of Lisa Herzog’s Inventing the market: Smith, Hegel, and political theory“,
Spencer J. Pack, “Review of Ricardo Crespo’s A re-assessment of Aristotle’s economic thought and Philosophy of the economy: an Aristotelian approach“,
Craig Smith, “Review of Jack Russel Weinstein’s Adam Smith’s pluralism: rationality, education, and the moral sentiments“,
Laure Bazzoli, “Review of Cyril Hédoin’s L’Institutionnalisme historique et la relation entre théorie et histoire en économie“.

Recent PhD thesis summaries:
Judith Favereau, The J-PAL’s experimental approach in development economics: an epistemological turn?
Manuela Fernández Pinto, Learning from ignorance: agnotology’s challenge to philosophy of science”,
Guus Dix, “Governing by carrot and stick: a genealogy of the incentive“.

Further information on this issue of the Erasmus journal for Philosophy and Economics:

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