Journal: Economics & Philosophy, vol. 31/1 (March 2015)

The latest issue of Economics and Philosophy has been published in March. The table of content is available below (Vol. 31/1):

Symposium on Individual and Social Deliberation:
Jan-Willem Romeijn and Olivier Roy, “Individual and Social Deliberation: Introduction“,
Dominik Klein and Jan Sprenger, “Modelling Individual Expertise in Group Judgements“,
Jon Williamson, “Deliberation, Judgement and the Nature of Evidence“,
Annika Wallin and Richard McElreath, “Strategy for Advice Taking: The Role of Epistemic Social Information“,
Juan Perote-Peña and Ashley Piggins, “A Model of Deliberative and Aggregative Democracy“,

Pierre Courtois, Rabia Nessah and Tarik Tazdaït, “How to Play Games? Nash versur Berge Behaviour Rules“,
Alexander F. Sarch, “Hausman and McPherson On Welfare Economics and Preference Satisfaction Theories of Welfare: A Critical Note“,.

Book Review:
François Claveau, “The World in the Model: How Economists Work and Think, Mary S. Morgan . Cambridge University Press“.
Luigino Bruni, “The Oxford Handbook of Happiness, edited by Susan A. David , Ilona Boniwell and Amanda Conley Ayers. Oxford University Press“,
Kai Spiekermann, “Explaining Norms, Geoffrey Brennan , Lina Eriksson , Robert E. Goodin and Nicholas Southwood . Oxford University Press“,
Avram Hiller, “Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World, John Broome . Norton“,
Alexandru Marcoci, “Quitting Certainties: A Bayesian Framework Modeling Degrees of Belief, Michael G. Titelbaum . Oxford University Press“.

More information on this issue of Economics & Philosophy :

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