Book: Gilles Campagnolo, Critique de l’économie politique classique. Marx, Menger et l’Ecole historique allemande (Matériologiques, 2014)

Gilles Campagnolo has recently published a second and expanded edition of his book entitled Critique de l’économie politique classique. Marx, Menger et l’Ecole historique allemande (Matériologiques, 2014, 536 pages). This second edition is the occasion to remind that the first edition of this book was also published in English: Criticisms of Classical Political Economy. Menger, Austrian Economics and the German Historical School (Routledge, 2009; paperback version, same publisher, 2013).

Abstract: The role of the German Historical School and of Carl Menger (founder of the Austrian School) is appraised in this new book. This important period of the history of economics is vital to understand how the discipline developed over the next half-century. Gilles Campagnolo has produced an impressive original work which makes use of rarely seen research by Carl Menger and as such this book will be of interest across several discplines, including history of economic thought, economic methodology, philosophy of science and the history of ideas.

Part I: Opening the gates of Modernity in philosophical, economic and political German thought
1. Philosophers Put Classical Political Economy On Trial
2. Sources of German Political Economy as a Building-Block of National Identity
3. Nonetheless an Ode to “Odious Capitalism”?
Part II: The political economy of mankind and culture (Menschen und Kultur): die Volkswirtschaftslehre
1. The national economics of Germany
2. The economics of state administration or the governance of “administered economics”
3. Interpretations of Marx
Part III: Out of Antiquity again and (re)reading Modernity
1. Aristotle as the ancient philosophical source of Menger’s thinking
2. British political and economic thought as the modern philosophical source of Menger’s ideas
3. The Origins of Austrian Marginalism

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