Article: Mickaël Cozick, “La méthodologie économique du déductivisme millien au néo-positivisme” (Revue d’économie politique)

An article has recently been published by the Revue d’économie politique:

Mickaël Cozick, “La méthodologie économique du déductivisme millien au néo-positivisme [Economic Methodology, from millian deductivism to neo-positivism]” (REP, vol. 124/1, pp. 23 – 73).

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to provide a survey of the main issues and of the most important trends in economic methodology. It is organized around the generalized Mill’s problem : does economics obey the methodological standards of empirical science ? The study is divided in two parts. The first one expounds and discusses the views of J-S. Mill and of his contemporary heirs (Hausman, Cartwright). The second part tackles views that can be associated to neo-positivism or logical empiricism. We conclude by identifying convergence points, gaps and trends of actual research.

Keywords: methodology of economics, economic models, rationality, revealed preferences, ceteris paribus laws, experimental economics, behavioral economics.

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