Conference (Programme): Models and Simulations 6, May 9th-11th, 2014 (Notre Dame, Indiana, USA)

MS6 is the latest in a series of international conferences dedicated to exploring the many philosophical issues arising from considerations of the construction, use, and epistemic status of models and computer simulations in the natural and social sciences. Previous meetings took place in Paris, Tilburg, Charlottesville, Toronto, and Helsinki.

This conference is not focused only on philosophy of economics, but some presentations of this conference may be of interest to the network members:

Matti Heinonen (Helsinki), “A Model Based Approach to Collective Intentional Action”,
Jaakko Kuorikoski (Helsinki) & Samuli Pöyhönen (Helsinki), “Computer Simulations as Tools for Data Integration in the Social Sciences: An Inferential Approach”,
Philippe Verreault­‐Julien (Erasmus Rotterdam), “Understanding through Counterfactual Analysis Modeling”,
Roberto Fumagalli (LSE/Bayreuth), “No Learning From Minimal Models”,
Philip Mirowski (Notre Dame), “Information in Economics: a Fictionalist Account”.

The complete programme is available here.

Further information concerning this conference:

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