Conference (programme): Ideal and reality in social sciences, April 9th-11th, 2014, SERG (Caerleon, United Kingdom)

From April 9th to 11th, the Social Ethics Research Group and the University of South Wales will organize an international conference dedicated to “Ideal and reality in social sciences” (Social Ethics Research Group, University of South Wales, Kegie Building, Caerleon Campus, Caerleon NP18 3QT, United Kingdom).

“Theorists are expert at theorising. Should they also be expert at negotiating the challenges of practice? Should practitioners and policymakers listen to them? Or are these two realms best kept at a distance?  The last of a trilogy, this conference will explore relations between normative theorising and critique, and the ‘real worlds’ of social and political practice.

Keynotes: Ingrid Robeyns (Utrecht), Stuart White (Oxford)

70 papers across 2 days of panels on fairness, the family, ethics and policy after the financial crisis, global justice, language, capabilities, dialogue, health, cultural diversity, normativity vis-a-vis objectivity, human nature, oppression, teaching professional ethics, political advocacy, distributive justice, the environment — and a range of angles on the nature, scope and implications of realism and idealism, theory and practice.”

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