Journal: Economic Thought – History, Philosophy and, Methodology (Call for papers)

The journal Economic Thought – History, Philosophy and, Methodology launches a call for papers:

“The editorial team of Economic Thought invites submissions in any area of philosophy, methodology or the history of economic thought. We encourage all members of the World Economics Association (WEA) to consider submitting full-length articles on any topic within our aims and scope to be assessed on our open peer discussion site. Economic Thought was launched in January 2012 and has published four issues, comprising papers by young scholars and established academics, includ-ing Victoria Chick, Sheila Dow, Geoffrey Hodgson, Tony Lawson and Avner Offer. Here are some reasons for submitting your research to Economic Thought:

1) Your research will be accessible to all. The journal is completely open-access and free of charge. Universities and grant-giving bodies are beginning to insist on ‘Gold’ open access research and few of the traditional journals are able to supply this without imposing additional costs, complicated access rules, or both.

2) Your papers will be assessed transparently and fairly. The World Economic Review and Economic Thought are pioneers of open peer review, which seeks to address the weaknesses of the traditional double-blind peer review system by providing deanonymised constructive criticism to authors.

3) Your papers will be widely read. In our first four issues we have published articles by authors working in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australasia. Our most popular article “Mathematical Modelling and Ideology in the Economics Academy” (by Tony Lawson) has been downloaded more than 570 times since publication. In addition, the journal website has re-ceived more than 3700 visits since the publication of our Autumn 2013 issue.

4) You will benefit from an efficient, streamlined editorial process. 32% of submitted manuscripts have been accepted, and all accepted papers have been published within 12 months of the initial submission date.

5) You will contribute to the creation of a more pluralistic and relevant economics! We look forward to receiving your manuscripts.

With best wishes,

Sheila Dow, John Latsis, Alejandro Nadal and Annalisa Rosselli”

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