Working Paper: John Davis, “Neuroeconomics and Identity”

John B. Davis (Marquette University; University of Amsterdam; Tinbergen Institute) has recently published online a working paper entitled “Neuroeconomics and Identity“.

Abstract: This short paper discusses majority and minority views in economics regarding the value of neuroscience for economics – and thus the value of the neuroeconomics research program. It argues that neuroeconomics’ reception ultimately depends on whether economists adopt a philosophy of science thinking closer to what exists in other sciences. It then argues that an inadvertent a product of this debate is whether people can be identified as relatively independent agents. The paper concludes with comments on what this debate implies about the conception of the decision-maker as a relatively independent identity.

Keywords: neuroeconomics, philosophy of science, instrumentalism, formalism, decision-maker autonomy, identity.

JEL Classification: A12, B41, D03, D87.

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