Working Paper: John Davis, “Social Capital and Social Identity: Trust and Conflict”

John B. Davis (Marquette University; University of Amsterdam; Tinbergen Institute) has recently published online a working paper entitled “Social Capital and Social Identity: Trust and Conflict“. Forthcoming in A. Christoforou & J. Davis (eds), Social Capital and Economics: Social Values, Power, and Identity, London: Routledge, 2014.

Abstract: This chapter applies social identity analysis to social capital theory in order to explain trust and conflict in social networks. It reformulates Putnam’s bridging-bonding social capital distinction in terms of the relational social identities-categorical social identities distinction, and represents individuals as socially embedded by explaining them in social identity terms. The goal of the argument is to show how an individual-social group dynamic which social identity theory examines interacts with a conflict-trust dynamic which social capital theory examines. Different types of individual motivation are linked to different social capital-social identity forms. Social group conflict is explained in connection with social psychology’s stigma identity-threat model. Individual response to identity conflict is explained in terms of cognitive dissonance reduction.

Keywords: social capital, social networks, social identity, Putnam, conflict analysis

JEL Classification: A12, A14, D74, Z13.

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