Course of lectures: Geoffrey M. Hodgson, Conceptualizing Capitalism, January 27th – February 7th, 2014, CES (Paris, France)

From January 27th to February 7th, 2014, Geoffrey M. Hodgson (University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom) will give a course of lectures, in the Maison des Sciences Economiques, on the topic of his next book entitled Conceptualizing Capitalism (expected to appear in late 2014).

January 27th, 10h00-12h00, room 19: “Brief introduction to the lecture series” and “Law and the state”.
January 28th, 14h00-16h00, room S18: “Property, possession and contract”
January 29th, 15h00-7h00, room S18: “Commodity exchange and markets”
January 30th, 18h00-20h00, room S17: “Anti-anti-essentialism and varieties of capitalism” (Lecture given within the Cercle d’épistémologie économique seminar)
January 31th, 14h00-16h00, room S18: “Money and finance”
February 3rd, 10h00-12h00, room 19: “Meanings of capital”
February 4th, 14h00-16h00, room S18: “Firms and corporations”
February 5th, 15h00-17h00, room S18: “Labour and employment”
February 6th, 11h30-13h30, room S3: “Capitalism, socialism and the state”
February 7th, 14h00-16h00, room S18: “The evolution of global capitalism”.

Geoffrey M. Hodgson is professor in the university of Hertfordshire, head of the Group for Research into Organisational Economics, Chief editor of the Journal of Institutional Economics and General secretary of the World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research.

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