Journal: Economic Thought – History, Methodology, Philosophy, Vol. 2/2 (November 2013)

The lastest issue of the online journal Economic Thought – History, Methodology, Philosophy -Vol. 2/2, 2013) is just published. You can find herein the table of contents:

David Casassas, “Adam Smith’s Republican Moment: Lessons for Today’s Emancipatory Thought“,
Leonardo Ivarola, Gustavo Marqués & Diego Weisman,Expectations-based Processes – An Interventionist Account of Economic Practice: Putting the Direct Practice of Economics on the Agenda of Philosophy of Economics“,
Victoria Chick , “Economics and the Good Life: Keynes and Schumacher“,
Stuart Holland & Teresa Carla Oliveira,Missing Links: Hume, Smith, Kant and Economic Methodology“.

This is also the occasion to mention the summary of the Vol. 2/1 published early in 2013 which was a special issue dedicated to “Ethics and economics”:

Karey Harrison, “Ontological Commitments of Ethics and Economics“,
Sheila C Dow,Codes of Ethics for Economists: A Pluralist View“,
Stuart Birks, “No Ethical Issues in Economics?“,
George DeMartino,Professional Economic Ethics: Why Heterodox Economists Should Care“,
Riccardo Baldissone, “And the Real Butchers, Brewers and Bakers? Towards the Integration of Ethics and Economics“.

More information concerning this journal:

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