Seminar: Pascal Bridel, 05 November, 2013, CWP (Lausanne, Switzerland)

On 05 November, Pascal Bridel (Centre Walras-Pareto, Université de Lausanne) will present one of his work in the Séminaire “Histoire des idées et philosophie économiques” organised by Centre Interdisciplinaire Walras-Pareto (from 17h15 to 19h00, room 401, Internef, University of Lausanne). The title of his presentation is “Autour de l’ouvrage de Ross Starr (2012): Why is there Money?”.

This presentation is the occasion to mention the fact that Ross Starr published last year a book entitled Why is there Money? Walrasian General Equilibrium Foundations of Monetary Theory, a book which was recently reprinted (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2013 [first print 2012], 176 pages).

Description: “Introducing the Arrow-Debreu-Starr model of monetary general equilibrium, Professor Starr provides the best defense ever made for the relevance of the Walrasian model to the pure theory of money. While most monetary theorists ventured to the overlapping generations model and then to the search model, only to create recently a hybrid search-Walrasian model, Starr presents the culmination of a patient, career-long effort to integrate money into the basic Walrasian model, with realistic taxation critically helping the government’s money to dominate.”
– Dror Goldberg, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Further information concerning this book:

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