Articles and Working Papers: New categories on the site

In order to provide a better visibility to articles published in journals which are not systematically mentioned on the Philosophy-Economics Network site and to still unpublished papers, we decided to create two new categories on the network site:

1) Articles,
2) Working papers.

These two categories will contribute to make eventually of the Philosophy-Economics Network site an archive database as complete as possible (usable through the search function).

We hope that the “Working Papers” categorie will be the occasion to increase the opportunities to receive comments from other members of the network.

Important points:
– of course, the articles and working papers have to touch upon both philosophy and economics.
– the Philosophy-Economics Network site will host no working paper but will only post a message including information (name of the author(s), title, abstract, keywords and possibly JEL codes) and a link toward the full paper.
– it will not be necessary that the working papers be hosted on the site of a research centre, it could also be hosted on a personal page.

Regardless of whether you are the author of the work or not, do not hesitate to bring an article or a working paper to our attention by sending us a message to

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