Seminar: Geoffrey Harcourt, 09 October, 2013 HPPE, LSE (London, United-Kingdom)

On 09 October, Geoffrey Harcourt (University of New South Wales, Australia) is invited in the seminar Historical and Philosophical Perspectives on Economics (HPPE) organised at the London School of Economics (from 1:00 pm, in Clement House 2.04). The title of his presentation is “The Crisis in Mainstream Economics”.

If you cannot go in London on 09 October, you can read here the text on which the presentation will be based.

By bringing together scholars from different disciplines, the HPPE provides a platform for discussing the historical evolution of economic thinking and its philosophical implications. From Ancient Greece to contemporary Africa, all topics and perspectives are welcome. The aim of the seminar is to offer graduate students and scholars at any stage of their career the possibility to present their work, and enrich our understanding of the processes of historical change and the philosophical context (epistemological, moral, ontological) in which the theory and practice of economics and other social sciences take place.

Convenors: Raphaelle Schwarzberg and Gerardo Serra.

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