Journal: Philosophy of Social Sciences, vol. 43/3 (September 2013)

The latest issue of the Philosophy of Social Sciences journal is just published. It is a special issue gathering several papers from the Inaugural Meeting of ENPOSS (European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences), which took place in the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), from 21st to 23th September 2012. You can find herein the table of contents (Vol. 43/3):

Marcus Hedahl, “The Collective Fallacy: The Possibility of Irreducibly Collective Action Without Corresponding Collective Moral Responsibility“,
Tuukka Kaidesoja, “Overcoming the Biases of Microfoundationalism: Social Mechanisms and Collective Agents“,
Caterina Marchionni & Petri Ylikoski, “Generative Explanation and Individualism in Agent-Based Simulation“,
Mary S. Morgan, “Nature’s Experiments and Natural Experiments in the Social Sciences“,
David Teira, “Blinding and the Non-interference Assumption in Medical and Social Trials“.

Review Essay:
Frank Hindriks, “Restructuring Searle’s Making the Social World“,
Joseph Agassi, “Better a Bang than a Whimper”

Book reviews:
Nimrod Bar-Am, “Book Review: Popper, Objectivity, and the Growth of Knowledge”,
Oskari Kuusela, “Book Review: Wittgenstein on Rules and Nature”.

Further information concerning this issue :

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