Journal: Filosofía de la Economía, vol. 1/1, (July 2013)

The Center of Research on Epistemology of Economics (CIECE, School of economics, University of Buenos Aires) is glad to announce the publication on line of the first number of its Journal Filosofía de la Economía (Philosophy of Economics). It is a trilingual Journal (Spanish, English and Portuguese) designed to reach a broad audience interested in philosophy and methodology of economics and will be published with a frequency of two issues each year. The Journal will have a pluralist view about the discipline. Orthodox as well as Heterodox contributions that push our understanding of economic theory and the main tenets of philosophy of economics further will be welcome.

The first issue of Filosofía de la Economia is just published. All the articles are fully and freely accessible. You can find herein the table of contents (Vol. 1/1):

Márques, Gustavo Leonardo; Crespo, Ricardo.

Academic Articles :
Boland, Lawrence A., “Model building in economics.Post-1980 vs. pre-1980“,
Hodgson, Geoffrey M., “On the Complexity of Economic Reality and the History of the use of Mathematics in Economics“,
Barbieri, Fabio, “Complexity and the Austrians“,
Heymann, Daniel; Crespo, Ricardo F. & Schiaffino, Pablo, “Living in Complex Economies: On Inconsistent Expectations and Economic Crises“,
Robert, Verónica & Yogel, Gabriel, “El enfoque de la complejidad y la economía evolucionista de la innovación / The approach of complexity and evolutionary economics of innovation.

Book Reviews:
Borella, Agustina, “Pinceladas de Realismo Finlandés” (on Economics for real. Uskali Mäki and the place of truth in economics, edited by Aki Lehtinen, Jaako Kuorikoski & Petri Ylikoski, Routledge, 2012, 280 pages),
Zagarese, Ariel & Thefs, Germán, “El modelo entre dos mundos“, (on The World in the Model: How Economists Work and Think by Mary S. Morgan, Cambridge University Press, 2012, 435 pages),
Berneman, Nicolás, “Epistemología en su contexto” (on Perspectives on Epistemology of Economics: Essays on Methodology of Economics edited by Andrés Lazzarini & Diego Weisman, Centro de Investigación en Epistemología de la Economía, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2012, 234 pages).

An interview with Shelia Dow,
An interview with Wade Hands.

Further information on this issue of Filosofía de la Economia:

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