Journal: Journal of Economic Methodology, Vol. 20/2 (July 2013)

The lastest issue of Journal of Economic Methodology is just published. You can find herein the table of contents (Vol. 20/2):

Glenn W. Harrison, “Field experiments and methodological intolerance“,
Roman Frydman & Michael D. Goldberg, “Change and expectations in macroeconomic models: recognizing the limits to knowability“,
Carsten Herrmann-Pillath, “Performativity of economic systems: approach and implications for taxonomy“,
Christopher Schinckus & Franck Janovic, “Towards a transdisciplinary econophysics“,
Aki Lehtinen, “Three kinds of ‘as-if’ claims.

Book Review Symposium on Daniel Hausman’s Preference, Value, Choice, and Welfare:
Aki Lehtinen, “Preferences as total subjective comparative evaluations“,
Myriam Teschl, “Asymmetric paternalism for economists“,
Prasanta K. Pattanaik, “The concepts of choice and preference in economics“,
Daniel D. Hausman, “A reply to Lehtinen, Teschl and Pattanaik“.

Further information on this issue of Journal of Economics Methodology:

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