Journal: EJPE, Internationalisation of the ‘book review’ section

Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics has decided to “internationalise” its book review section. EJPE now commission and publish English language reviews of interesting books in the domain of philosophy and economics published in the major Western European languages (Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, and German).

The intention is to help join up the academic conversation. The Anglophone academic conversation about philosophy and economics is by far the largest. Unfortunately it can sometimes miss very interesting and important work published in other languages. We aim to bring such work to international attention so that it can receive the recognition it deserves.

Suitable books have to be:
– published within the last 12 months;
– in the area of philosophy and economics (please include a brief explanation of the work’s relevance and significance);
– in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, or German (with no immediate plans for an English translation).

Please, do not hesitate to inform the EJPE about the book you could known and which correspond to this description.

Further information about the Erasmus Journal for Philolosophy and Economics:

Post freely adapted from an email sent by Thomas Wells, who is one of the editor of EJPE.

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