Journal: Ethique et économique/Ethics and Economics, Vol. 10/2 (June 2013)

The latest issue of Ethique et économique/Ethics and Economics (Vol. 10, n° 2) has recently been published. It is a special issue from the Ninth International Development Ethics Association Conference. You can find herein the table of contents:

Invited editors: Mario Solis & Jay Drydyk

Thematic Articles:
Mario Solis & Jat Drydyk, “Introduction”,
Jay Drydyk, “Development Ethics and Gender Justice. Presidential Address”,
Mario Solis, “Global Justice, Basic Goods and the Sufficiency Threshold Claim”,
Michael Randall Barnes, “Exploitation as a Path to Development : Sweatshop Labour, Micro-Unfairness, and the Non-Worseness Claim”,
Eric Palmer, “The Andhra Pradesh Microfinance Crisis and American Payday Lending : Two Studies in Vulnerability”,
Ahalini Iyengar, “A Tangled Web ? Asking the Gender Question in the Multilateral Development Banks’ Law and Justice Policies in India”,
Lawrence F. Fombe, Irene F. Sama-Lang, Lotsmart Fonjong & Athanasia Mbah-Fongkimeh, “Securing Tenure for Sustainable Livelihoods : A Case of Women Land Ownership in Anglophone Cameroon”.

Article (varia):
Barbara Ky, “Enjeux économiques et éthiques de la mesure du travail non rémunéré des femmes”,

Interview with Jay Drydyk

Book Reviews:
Marc Solinhac, “Gaëtan Mortier, Finance éthique : le grand malentendu“,
Jérôme Ballet, “Caroline S. Hart, Aspirations, Education and Social Justice. Applying Sen and Bourdieu“.

Further information on this issue of Ethique et éconmique/Ethics and Economics:

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