Journal: Journal of Economic Methodology, Vol. 20/1 (March 2013)

The lastest issue of Journal of Economic Methodology is published in March. It is a special issue on “Methodology, Systemic Risk, and the Economics Profession”. You can find herein the table of contents (Vol. 20/1):

John B. Davis & Wade Hands, “Introduction: Methodology, Systemic Risk, and the Economics Profession”,
Mickael Weisberg, “Modeling herding behavior and its risks”,
Michael Strevens, “Herding and the quest for credit”,
Michelle Baddeley, “Herding, social influence and expert opinion”,
Mark Thoma, “Bad advice, herding and bubbles”,
David Colander, “The systemic failure of economic methodologists”.

Book Reviews:
Kevin D. Hoover, “Beyond mechanical markets – asset price swings, risk and the role of the state”,
Tiago Mata, “Science-mart: privatizing American science”,
François Claveau, “The Elgar Companion to recent economics methodology”,
Edward Nik-Khah, “The making of the economy: a phenomenology of economic science”.

Further information on this issue of Journal of Economics Methodology:

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