Book: Julian Reiss, Philosophy of Economics: A Contemporary Introduction

Julian Reiss just published a book entitled Philosophy of Economics: A Contemporary Introduction (Routledge, Collection Routledge Contemporary Introductions to Philosophy, 2013, 352 pp.).

Summary: “Philosophy of Economics: A Contemporary Introduction is the first systematic textbook in the philosophy of economics. It introduces the epistemological, metaphysical and ethical problems that arise in economics, and presents detailed discussions of the solutions that have been offered.
Throughout, philosophical issues are illustrated by and analysed in the context of concrete cases drawn from contemporary economics, the history of economic ideas, and actual economic events. This demonstrates the relevance of philosophy of economics both for the science of economics and for the economy.
This text will provide an excellent introduction to the philosophy of economics for students and interested general readers alike.”

Further information in an interview with Julian Reiss on the Routledge website:…

Edit (on 21 May 2013): You can also read a review of this book in the Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics (published in the vol. 6/1, June 2013):

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