Seminar: Dana Sisak, March 2nd, 2015, EIPE (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

On March 2nd, Dana Sisak (Erasmus University Rotterdam) will present one of her work in the research seminar of the Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics (from 5.00 to 6.30 pm, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Theil Building, C1-5). The title of her presentation will be Do Polls Create Momentum in Political Competition?.

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Journal: Economics & Philosophy, vol. 31/1 (March 2015)

The latest issue of Economics and Philosophy has been published in March. The table of content is available below (Vol. 31/1):

Symposium on Individual and Social Deliberation:
Jan-Willem Romeijn and Olivier Roy, “Individual and Social Deliberation: Introduction“,
Dominik Klein and Jan Sprenger, “Modelling Individual Expertise in Group Judgements“,
Jon Williamson, “Deliberation, Judgement and the Nature of Evidence“,
Annika Wallin and Richard McElreath, “Strategy for Advice Taking: The Role of Epistemic Social Information“,
Juan Perote-Peña and Ashley Piggins, “A Model of Deliberative and Aggregative Democracy“,

Pierre Courtois, Rabia Nessah and Tarik Tazdaït, “How to Play Games? Nash versur Berge Behaviour Rules“,
Alexander F. Sarch, “Hausman and McPherson On Welfare Economics and Preference Satisfaction Theories of Welfare: A Critical Note“,.

Book Review:
François Claveau, “The World in the Model: How Economists Work and Think, Mary S. Morgan . Cambridge University Press“.
Luigino Bruni, “The Oxford Handbook of Happiness, edited by Susan A. David , Ilona Boniwell and Amanda Conley Ayers. Oxford University Press“,
Kai Spiekermann, “Explaining Norms, Geoffrey Brennan , Lina Eriksson , Robert E. Goodin and Nicholas Southwood . Oxford University Press“,
Avram Hiller, “Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World, John Broome . Norton“,
Alexandru Marcoci, “Quitting Certainties: A Bayesian Framework Modeling Degrees of Belief, Michael G. Titelbaum . Oxford University Press“.

More information on this issue of Economics & Philosophy :

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Journal: Journal of Economic Methodology, Vol. 21/4 (December 2014)

The lastest issue of the Journal of Economic Methodology has been published in December. Please find below the table of content (Vol. 21/4):

Till Grüne-Yanoff, Caterina Marchionni & Ivan Moscati, “Introduction: methodologies of bounded rationality“,
Paola Manzini & Marco Mariotti, “Welfare economics and bounded rationality: the case for model-based approaches“,
Konstantinos V. Katsikopoulos, “Bounded rationality: the two cultures
Nathan Berg,The consistency and ecological rationality approaches to normative bounded rationality“,
D. Wade Hands, “Normative ecological rationality: normative rationality in the fast-and-frugal-heuristics research program
Don Ross, “Psychological versus economic models of bounded rationality“.

See more at:

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Journal: Erasmus Journal for Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 7/2 (Fall 2014)

The latest issue of the Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics (Vol. 7/2) has been published in December (online as usual). The table of content is available below:

Guus Dix, “Ricardo’s discursive demarcations: a Foucauldian study of the formation of the economy as an object of knowledge“,
Erwin Dekker, “The Vienna circles: cultivating economic knowledge outside academia“,
Bernd Lahno, “Challenging the majority rule in matters of truth“,

Special contribution:
Deirdre Nansen McCloskey, “Measured, unmeasured, mismeasured, and unjustified pessimism: a review essay of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the twenty-first century“,
Rational choice as a toolbox for the economist“: an interview with Itzhak Gilboa

Book reviews:
John Davis, “Review of Don Ross’ Philosophy of economics“,
Norbert Waszek, “Review of Lisa Herzog’s Inventing the market: Smith, Hegel, and political theory“,
Spencer J. Pack, “Review of Ricardo Crespo’s A re-assessment of Aristotle’s economic thought and Philosophy of the economy: an Aristotelian approach“,
Craig Smith, “Review of Jack Russel Weinstein’s Adam Smith’s pluralism: rationality, education, and the moral sentiments“,
Laure Bazzoli, “Review of Cyril Hédoin’s L’Institutionnalisme historique et la relation entre théorie et histoire en économie“.

Recent PhD thesis summaries:
Judith Favereau, The J-PAL’s experimental approach in development economics: an epistemological turn?
Manuela Fernández Pinto, Learning from ignorance: agnotology’s challenge to philosophy of science”,
Guus Dix, “Governing by carrot and stick: a genealogy of the incentive“.

Further information on this issue of the Erasmus journal for Philosophy and Economics:

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Workshop: Philosophically on economics, March 6th, 2015, IF AMU (Poznan, Poland)

The Polish Philosophy of Economics Network, in collaboration with Institute of Philosophy, Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznan, Poland), and the Faculty of Economic SciencesWarsaw University (Warsaw, Poland), organizes a one day workshop “Philosophically on economics”. This event is dedicated to philosophical insights into some problems of economic theory. It is bilingual (Polish and English), and will take place on March 6th, 2015, at the Institute of Philosophy, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Poland).

The program and detailed location are available here.

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Conference (Call for papers): XII. Conference of the International Network for Economic Method, 19th-22nd November, 2015, RUBEN (Cape Town, South Africa)

Reminder: XII. Conference of the International Network for Economic Method

November 19-22, 2015 University of Cape Town, South Africa

The twelfth INEM conference will be hosted by the Research Unit in Behavioural Economics and Neuroeconomics (RUBEN) in the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town.

Keynote speakers: George Ainslie, University of Cape Town & Veterans Affairs Medical Center Coatesville PA; Nancy Cartwright, Durham University; Glenn Harrison, Georgia State University; Edward Leamer, UCLA; Dori Posel, University of KwaZulu-Natal; Nat Wilcox, Chapman University

Panel Discussion, ‘Methodological Issues in Statistical Analysis for Policy Risk Assessment: Sponsored by the Center for Economic Analysis of Risk, Georgia State University. Participants: Nancy Cartwright, Glenn Harrison, Edward Leamer, Nat Wilcox.

Call for papers Proposals for contributed papers as well as symposia (of three papers each) are welcome in all areas of philosophy of economics and economic methodology, including ethical aspects of economics and the foundations of rational choice theory. Submissions that focus on methodological and philosophical issues related to poverty, inequality and development are particularly welcome. We especially encourage submissions from graduate students and members of underrepresented groups. Graduate students whose abstracts are accepted for inclusion in the programme will have travel and accommodation (in on-campus residences) expenses, other than airfare, covered by INEM.

Abstract submission Please submit an abstract (300-500 words) on the online abstract submission form at the following link: Be sure to indicate whether you are a graduate student. To facilitate efforts by accepted contributors to secure institutional funding, acceptances will be communicated on a rolling basis within one month of submission. However, no submissions will be considered after September 10, 2015.

Symposia proposal submission Please submit a description of a symposium (1,500-2,000 words) to . The description should contain both a clear explanation of the topic as well as three short (200-300 words) abstracts of the papers. Please prepare the description for anonymous review and submit it as an attachment (*.pdf). Please include the contact details of the symposium chair and all authors (name, affiliation, email address) in the email. The deadline for submissions is 30 June, 2015. Acceptance will be communicated by 31 July, 2015.

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Conference (call for papers): 12th Annual STOREP, Shifting Boundaries: Economics in the Crisis and the Challenge of Interdisciplinarity, 11th-13th June, 2015, Torino, Italy

XII Annual STOREP Conference: Torino, 2015
Call for papers,

The 12th Annual STOREP (Italian Association for the History of Political Economy) Conference will be held at the University of Torino on June 11-13, 2015.

The title of the Conference will be «Shifting Boundaries: Economics in the Crisis and the Challenge of Interdisciplinarity». The topic that we intend to explore is the relationship between economics and other disciplines. Special attention will be devoted to the recent history of economic theory, while also considered will be how the current crisis has prompted new reflections on micro- and macroeconomic approaches.
Since its origins, economic theory has interacted with other sciences, and often adopted their paradigms and analytical tools (suffice to consider the role played by classical mechanics and evolutionary biology). At the end of the process that led to the neoclassical school’s dominance, the so-called “economics imperialism” led to the progressive expansion of economics into domains traditionally occupied by other social disciplines (political sciences, sociology, anthropology, psychology), doing so on the basis of the presumed superiority of the methods and theories of economics.
The situation today appears radically different. In recent decades, approaches originating from outside economics have contributed significantly to economic theory, inducing economics – and challenging it – to reopen discussion with the other social disciplines, and to adopt the perspectives and methods of new research fields. Game theory, behavioral economics, experimental economics, evolutionary economics, complexity economics are among the most striking examples of this evolution of economic inquiry, and they solicit scholars to deepen analysis of the new methodological and thematic horizons in economics.

Possible topics for the conference sessions include, but are not limited to:
Historical analysis of the relationship between economics and other disciplines;
Pluralism of methods and epistemological foundations of economics;
Economics imperialism in historical perspective;
(Economics) “imperialism” and “reverse imperialism”;
Economic crisis and the crisis of economics;
Critique of mainstream economics;
Evolution of the mainstream, between monism and pluralism;
Economics as a social discipline;
The contribution of economics to the development of interdisciplinary approaches;
The perspective of reunifying the social disciplines.

We are pleased to announce that distinguished colleagues:
– Alan Kirman (University of Aix-Marseille III, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales),
– John B. Davis (Marquette University, University of Amsterdam), and
– Viktor Vanberg (Walter Eucken Institute)
will join the conference as keynote speakers.

Selected papers on the main topic of the conference will be published in a special issue of “History of Economic Ideas“.

Besides plenary sessions, some parallel sessions will focus on the main topic of the conference; proposals of papers on all fields of the history of economic thought are also welcome.

An abstract of about 400 words for a paper and 600 words for a session (together with the abstracts of the three or four papers for the session) must be submitted before February 28, 2015 to: Notification of accepted and rejected abstracts will be sent by March 15, 2015.

Other important dates:
April 30, 2015: Deadline for early registration (early fees) and for submitting full papers.
May 31, 2015: Deadline for late registration (late fee).
All relevant information concerning registration fees, accommodation and programme will soon be published on the association’s website:

Young Scholar Awards
STOREP provides two kinds of awards for young scholars:
1) Scholarships for young scholars (under 35 years of age). In order to be eligible, the applicant is required to submit a Curriculum Vitae and a paper on any topic relevant to the history of political economy. The authors of the papers selected will be awarded free STOREP Conference registration, including the social dinner and the association’s annual membership fee. All applications, with CV and the final version of the papers, should be sent to segretario@storep.orgno later than April 30, 2015. Applicants will be informed about the result of the evaluation process no later than May 15, 2015.
2) The STOREP Award (of 500.00 €) for the best article presented at the Annual Conference by young scholars under 40 years of age. All applications, with CV and the final version of the papers, should be sent to no later than September 15, 2015.

Organizing committee:
Angela Ambrosino (University of Torino)
Mario Cedrini (University of Torino)
Stefano Fiori (University of Torino)
Magda Fontana (University of Torino)
Roberto Marchionatti (University of Torino)
Paolo Silvestri (University of Torino)

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Journal (call for papers): Journal of Social Ontology

The Journal of Social Ontology (JSO) is an Open Access interdisciplinary journal devoted to social ontology and collective intentionality. JSO features scholarly work pertaining to the nature and basic structure of the social world from a variety of disciplinary perspectives – including moral, social, and political philosophy, anthropology, cognitive science, economics, history, law, political science, and psychology. The topics that JSO covers range from small-scale everyday interactions to encompassing societal institutions, from expert teams to hierarchical organizations, and from unintended consequences to institutional design. The journal provides a forum for exchanges between scholars of diverse disciplinary and methodological backgrounds. In addition to contributed papers, JSO publishes review essays, discussion articles, and book reviews.

The first issue is now online on

The next issue is scheduled for July 2015.

The editors invite submissions for the upcoming issues.

Acceptance is subject to blind refereeing. Accepted articles will appear online first.

Further information on the Journal is available here:

For submissions:

Editor-in-Chief: Schmid, Hans Bernhard; Ed. by Hindriks, Frank / Ikäheimo, Heikki / Laitinen, Arto / Salice, Alessandro / Schweikard, David P.

Editorial Board Members: Baker, Lynne / Betzler, Monika / Bovens, Luc / Brandom, Robert / Bratman, Michael / Butler, Judith / Copp, David / Descombes, Vincent / Gilbert, Margaret / Gold, Natalie / Haslanger, Sally / Honneth, Axel / Kusch, Martin / Lagerspetz, Eerik / Lawson, Tony / Mäki, Uskali / May, Larry / Miller, Seumas / Pacherie, Élisabeth / Pettit, Philip / Quante, Michael / Rovane, Carol / Searle, John / Smith, Barry / Sugden, Robert / Tollefsen, Deborah P. / Tomasello, Michael / Tuomela, Raimo

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Workshop: « Paternalism redeemed : old ideas, new realities », 30th-31rd March, 2015, ENS de Lyon (Lyon, France)


Monday 30th March

  • 1st Session. 10h00-12h30. Paternalism And Autonomy : Theory And Practice
    • James Wilson, University College London, “Justifying State Health Promotion Activities”
    • Danny Scoccia, New Mexico State University, “Paternalism, Equal Respect, And Deference To Autonomy”
    • Luc Bovens, London School Of Economics, “Child Euthanasia : Should We Just Not Talk About It ?”
  • Buffet, Cafeteria, ENS De Lyon (12H30-13h30)
  • 2nd Session. 13h45-16h15. Rationality Of Paternalism
    • Christophe Salvat, CNRS- Triangle Ens De Lyon, “Economics Of Paternalism”
    • Philippe Mongin, CNRS-HEC, Tba
    • Cyril Hédoin, University Of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, “Paternalism, Autonomy And Separability Between Times And Persons”
  • Coffee (16h15-16h30)
  • 3rd Session. 16h30-18h15. Paternalism, Family And Feminism.
    • Anne Morvan et Anne Verjus, CNRS-Triangle ENS De Lyon, “The First Challenges To Rousseau’s Paternalism From Charles Fourier To Pierre Leroux (1808-1848) : The Marriage Issue”
    • Sylvana Tomaselli, St John’s College-University Of Cambridge, “Neither For Nor Against : Wollstonecraft And Nussbaum On The Paternalism Test”
  • Gala Dinner, Location To Be Confirmed

Tuesday 31st March

  • 4th Session. 9h30-12h00. Paternalism In The Xixth Century : A Reassessment.
    • Gregory Claeys, Royal Holloway, University Of London, “Mill And Paternalism : Some Afterthoughts And Contemporary Applications”
    • Ophélie Siméon, Triangle-ENS De Lyon, “British Industrial Paternalists From The First Industrial Revolution To The Factory Acts : A Prosopographical Study”
    • Carolina Armenteros, Santo Domingo, “The Cosmic Father Of Louis De Bonald”
  • Lunch, Cafeteria, ENS De Lyon


All Are Free To Come. Seating Limited, Please Register If You Are Interested.
Contact : Christophe Salvat

Download (pdf)

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Workshop: Action in Society: Thomas Reid and the Epistemology of Social Sciences, 21st March, 2015, PHARE (Paris, France)

A workshop at the Sorbonne, 21st March 2015

Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University & CNRS
PHARE — centre for research in Philosophy, History and Analysis of Economic Representations

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
17 rue de la Sorbonne
Paris 5e

Saturday 21st March 2015

Morning session – Sorbonne, Marc Bloch room, staircase C, 2nd floor

Knud HAAKONSSEN (Max-Weber-Kolleg für kultur- und sozialwissenschaftliche Studien & University of St. Andrews)
‘Thomas Reid’s Lectures on Politics and their Place in his Oeuvre’

Rebecca COPENHAVER (Lewis & Clark College)
‘Thomas Reid on the Culture of Mind’

11:30 Break

Claire ETCHEGARAY (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre)
‘Mental Operations in Politics. From Reid to Dugald Stewart’

12:45 Buffet Lunch

Afternoon session – Sorbonne, Cavaillès room, staircase C, 1st floor

Benoît GIDE (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)
‘Reid’s Criticism of Hume on the Necessity of Actions’

Esther KROEKER (Universiteit Antwerpen)
‘Motives to Action, Beliefs, and Human Nature’

16:30 Break

Laurent JAFFRO (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)
‘Why Reid Matters to the Epistemology of Social Sciences’

–> Please confirm attendance before Monday 9th March <–

The workshop is organised by Laurent JAFFRO
at the research centre PHARE (‘Philosophie, Histoire et Analyse des Représentations Economiques’, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne & CNRS, FRE3643),
with financial support from the research council of Panthéon-Sorbonne University.
Scientific Committee: Christophe DEPOORTERE (Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint Denis), Claire ETCHEGARAY (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre), Claude GAUTIER (ENS Lyon).

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